Author Bios

Greg Dawson

I stumbled into journalism in high school when the sports editor at the local newspaper in Bloomington, IN, offered me a part-time job on the strength of a letter-to-the-editor, signing with a  classmate’s name for reasons I can’t remember.
  I was hired anyway and, like Satchel Paige, never looked back. Over the next 45 years, I worked as a reporter, TV critic, metro columnist, and consumer columnist at newspapers in Indiana, (Bloomington and Indianapolis),  North Dakota (Grand Forks),

Kansas (Wichita), and Massachusetts (Boston) and Florida (Boca Raton and Orlando).  From 2013 to 2016 I was a columnist for Orlando Magazine. Two previous books are based on my mother’s experience as a Holocaust survivor, Hiding in the Spotlight (Pegasus Books, 2009) and Judgment Before Nuremberg (Pegasus Books, 2012).

Candy Caldwell Dawson

Growing up in a newspaper family, I began writing for the Fernandina Beach News Leader on Amelia Island, FL, while in Jr. High School. 
After graduating from Florida Atlantic University I enjoyed a lengthy career as a teacher and reading specialist in Massachusetts, Indiana, and Florida. I have written two plays and a screenplay and produced a documentary film, all based on husband Greg’s previous books. I design and write for our websites:,


This is our first truly collaborative effort (except for raising children, Chris and Aimee) and through it all, our marriage has somehow (so far) survived.  We live in Lakeland, Florida.





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