Busted in Bloomington:

A Tragedy in the Summer of ’68

Investigative journalism at its best.  Husband and wife authors Greg and Candy Dawson interviewed over 100 people whose lives intersected during the 1960s in Bloomington, Indiana.  The central figure is a charismatic English teacher who introduced his students to the joys of edgy literature and cinema, the poetry of Simon and Garfunkel and illicit encounters outside the classroom. He took them to England during the Summer of Love where some smoked pot together and came home almost unrecognizable to their midwestern parents.  He encouraged them to stand up to authority but the story ends by confirming that, as John Mellencamp sings,  “authority always wins.”  A bust, a death and a scandal all became A Tragedy in the Summer of ’68.  A tragedy that has haunted everyone for the past fifty years.

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